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Local dishes

A culinary tradition!

The Mediterranean cuisine is well known the world over, particularly for its amazing tastiness. A genuine island of the Aegean Sea, Kythnos couldn’t lag behind the rest in taste and in imagination.

What should you try first?

The renowned "sfouggata"

They could be simple cheese croquettes. But they’re made with a difference: using local, unsalted grated goat cheese. They are the best of appetizers for enjoying with a drink of tsipouro or ouzo. You’ll find them everywhere.

"Pites" (savoury pies; "koukoulopita" and "pitaro")

The pies here always have very fine pastry. Both use finely grated cheese. In a koukoulopitta fresh onions and dill are also added. They make wonderful appetizers (or a tasty breakfast).

"Kaparosalata" or caper salad.

A wonderfully savoury dip, made with boiled potatoes, capers, local olive oil, lemon juice or vinegar.

Local goat meat

Braised with a tomato or lemon sauce or chops barbecued over charcoal. Exceptional!

You should also not forget you’re on a Greek island. Definitely try the fish and seafood, which is wonderfully fresh.