Safe accommodation

At Cape Suites we follow special cleaning and disinfection protocols. Read more...

Environmentally friendly

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At Cape Suites we pride ourselves on our environmental awareness. We try not to add to the problems in our region and not to be a burden to the planet itself. In this effort we invest in and utilize all the up-to-date and effective methods at our disposal.

Aesthetically, fully in tune with our environment

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We utilized the rock that was dug up while excavating the foundations. We added wooden pergolas and other environmentally-friendly materials.

Our construction methods are fully in harmony with the space around us and the natural landscape.

Because respect for the environment is also a matter of aesthetics.

Minimising energy losses

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From the construction stage we chose to insulate our buildings using external heat insulation and to equip them with thermal break door- and window- frames and energy-efficient glazing. Besides ensuring you have the ideal temperature conditions for your stay, we also minimize energy loss. We’ve also equipped all our spaces with air conditioning systems rated A+++ for energy consumption to minimize energy waste.

Use of Solar Energy

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Kythnos – a WISEGrid Island / Approved for a Horizon 2020 project with pilot applications.

In line with the efforts of the Munipality of Kythnos’ efforts to pursue green energy, we installed a photovoltaic system at Cape Suites, which produces electricity using solar power throughout the entire year, ensuring that most of the power is consumed as soon as it is produced.

In a country where the sunlight is so prevalent, we shouldn’t fail to use it to the maximum.

Conserving Water Resources

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Water is humanity’s most valuable natural asset after oxygen. Its unthinking use is a very major problem, leading even to drought.

As part of our efforts to conserve water we have built in large rainwater collection cisterns.

Water is collected during the winter months, when consumption is down and is consumed during the summer period, when demand rises. This helps conserve large quantities of water from the island network.

Because water is life itself: No matter how much you collect, it will never be enough.

Waste recycling

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Municipality of Kythnos / SILVER Prize at the Best City Awards

We support the efforts of the Municipality of Kythnos and have separate waste collection bins for various materials. We ask our clients to respect this and help us recycle by separating their waste correctly.

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle