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Kythnos is waiting for the new year, sunny as always and with its welcoming sandy beaches.

A welcoming island

The summer sunshine is never missing from Kythnos! The sun warms your heart even in the middle of Winter. Merichas bathes in the light and the sea invites you to take a winter swim.

Sunshine in Merichas just before the New Year Eve
New Year Eve with... sunshine!

An exceptional photo!

We offer you a great cloudless photo of Greece from space by cosmonaut Luca Parmitano! The sun plays with the sea unfolding the beauty of Greek Cyclades islands from space.

Our Wishes for the new year

The Cape Suites team wishes you a happy new year! We wish you the new year to open new paths that will lead you to beautiful destinations.

Happy new year!

Photographs: Kythos Cape Suites © All rights reserved

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