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Autumn... we enjoy the change of landscape in Kythnos. The shades of green become more intense and the dazzling glow of the sun gives way to a soft lighting that plays with the shadows of the mountain slopes.

A new season

Every change of season is awe-inspiring. In Kythnos, living close to nature, we watch the landscape change day by day. The sunsets this season give all the grandeur of the colors and the sea changes shades from minute to minute.

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View from the cafeteria in Loutra
View from the cafeteria in Loutra

The thermal springs in Loutra

At this time of the year we hear nature more clearly. The stress of summer and hot sun now gives way to leisurely walks on the beach and urges us to continue exploring every corner of Kythnos!

Loutra hosts two thermal springs that based on archaeological findings have been exploited since Roman times. The current hydrotherapy center in Loutra was built during the years of King Otto and was designed by the then royal architect.

In the hottest of the two springs the upper water temperature has been recorded at 52οC!

Enjoying our bath/h3>

Reading about the healing properties of the springs we found that the chemical analyzes showed that they contain natural salts and substances that soothe the symptoms of chronic diseases.

We enjoyed our current swim overlooking the beautiful settlement of the baths and then we ate our lunch in a tavern nearby!

The water of the springs colors the rocks, rich in salts and healing substances
The water of the springs colors the rocks, rich in salts and healing substances


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