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The beauty of Kythnos is hiding in plain sight. This time we invite you to discover it at its enchanting sunsets. We offer you 10 of the best sunsets we have seen in Kythnos!

Make the most of your stay in Kythnos and explore its natural beauty and history. We invite you to explore our suites and the unique view they offer in the Aegean!

1. The sun falls on the beach of Apokrousi

2. Overlooking Kolona beach

kithnos kolona sunset

3. On the way to the beach, Cape Suites rooms

capesuites appartments sunset

4. View from the patio, Cape Suites Apartments

cape suites kythnos patio sunset

5. Overlooking the sea, Cape Suites rooms

capesuites accommodation sunset

6. Moments of peace on the patio of one of the Cape Suites appartments

capesuites kythnos patio sunset

7. Sunset on an afternoon walk in the streets of Kythnos

kithnos sunset beach

8. Sunset at moments of relaxation on the beach

kithnos sunset over sea

9. Returning to the Cape Suites for rest after a long day

kythnos appartments sunset capesuites

10. Boating at sunset

kythnos sunset fishing boat