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The day is already getting longer, the sun is getting warmer and we all miss a restful sleep!

Sleeping good on your holidays

In the morning you find yourself stretching on your mattress and hugging your favorite pillow. What a happiness!

The same feeling we want you to feel when sleeping in our suites. The bedrooms in our suites are fitted with the Coco-Mat sleep system. Let yourself lie on the comfortable mattress and choose the pillow you are going to love.

Relaxing sleep at Asterias Suite at Cape Suites Kythnos
Asterias suite's bedroom with the Coco-Mat sleep system

Quality sleep with the Coco-Mat system

The furniture and bed linen in our bedrooms are made of natural materials. Cotton sheets allow the body to maintain its normal temperature and provide a comfortable sleep. Natural materials such as wood and the soft colors of furniture provide an overall sense of calm.

coco mat logo

And of course the pillow is your most personal choice! Choose the type that suits you, soft, hard or feathery, and sleep like home or even better!


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