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This year we had a wonderful summer in Kythnos! We welcomed a large number of travelers and Cape Suites opened two new suites to safely accommodate even more guests.

We were thrilled when a multitude of tributes on TV, newspapers, magazines and websites made the beauties of our Kythnos known to even more travelers! 📢📺

Kythnos on Instagram

Instagram was filled with colors from the picturesque alleys and Cycladic beauties of Kythnos. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful moments on our island! 📷⭐🎴🌺

Our beloved Cape Suites guests

To be honest, we were impressed by your spontaneous expression of love for Cape Suites!

This year we had over 24,000 unique visits to our website! 💜

Also, thank you for your nearly 100 excellent reviews on Google! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Οι αξιολογήσεις μας στη Google
Cape Suites reviews on Google

Unforgettable moments of this summer

Kythnos was captured in thousands of selfies and videos this summer! In the following viral video from a drone you will see "Kythnos of 100 beaches" from above, in magnificent shots!

Kythnos view from above



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