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The best travel time of the year! We breathe the sea, we taste the Cyclades, this world is filled with color from flowers and marvelous sunsets!

Every beach welcomes you to the welcoming sea of August, every alley takes you on a journey through the white-blue Cyclades and every afternoon relaxes you and gives you pleasant moments in picturesque cafes and taverns 🦋🌿🌞🧃🌊🍦

In the picturesque alleys

Probably the most picturesque alleys of the Cyclades are found in Dryopida. Here the traditional white-blue of the Cyclades mingles with the colorful shops. Cafes, brightly colored taverns under shady trees and coulourful flowers!

Moments to remember

It's the moment when the beach is dressed in the soft colors of the evening. The emotions unfold, you just enjoy the moment and you capture the best moments of the summer in the photo!

Beautiful evenings on the beach
Beautiful evenings on the beach

Back to Cape Suites just in time for the sunset

We return to the Cape Suites to enjoy the sunset as the sun paints the sky with thousands of colors before plunging into the sea.

Sunset on the terrace of Cape Suites
Sunset on the terrace of Cape Suites



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