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As days are getting hotter and hotter, we find more opportunities to escape to Kythnos island! An easy trip thanks to frequent ferry schedules and a short distance from Piraeus port (about 3 hours). This time we share our experiences from the beautiful beaches we chose to swim to during our stay in Kythnos.

A full day in Agios Dimitrios beach

Early in the morning we loaded the car and drove to the beach of Agios Dimitrios. Before we knew it, we had arrived! The beach of Agios Dimitrios is just 4 minutes from the Cape Suites Apartments.

The beach of Agios Dimitrios in Kythnos island with dense shade from the trees
The beach of Agios Dimitrios in Kythnos island is just 4 minutes from Cape Suites apartments

As soon as we arrived, we sat under a shady tree with a dense shade. The kids immediately started playing with the sand!

For lunch we had fresh fish in the tavern above the beach and quickly returned to our favorite shade until the sun began to set. As the sun fell, the horizon was painted with a pale pink-orange color. We returned to Cape Suites rooms with this beautiful picture still imprinted in our eyes...

The picturesque bay of Petrousa beach

As soon as you arrive at Petrousa beach, you are overtaken by the unspoilt landscape of Kythnos. This beach is also close to Cape Suites Apartments, just 10 minutes away on a relatively straightforward route.

It is in a place like Petrousa beach that you experience the truly unspoiled natural beauty of Kythnos island. For most of the day we were alone on the beach, having fun and playing all around.

The beach of Petrusa and the unspoiled natural beauty of Kythnos
The lovely beach of Petrusa is a 10 minute drive from Cape Suite rooms

At Petrousa beach we realized that our stay in Kythnos was worth every minute. We spent the whole day swiming or just lying on the rocks or the small sandy beach... Depending on everyone's preference ;-)

We are already planning our next trip to Kythnos! And of course we will share our experiences with you again!

Photographs: Kythos Cape Suites © All rights reserved

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