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Have you ever felt happy just by sorting your summer vacation photos? Well, that's exactly what happened to me on Sunday when I was freeing up some space on my cell phone!

Such fancy colors! Well, I said I have to keep these photos!

Holiday memories from Kythnos

Well, it's the small things that stand out... The trip to Kythnos is a Cycladic experience that you will cherish in your heart.

So go choose the souvenir you like to accompany your beautiful memories!

Souvenir in the shape of Kythnos, in Chora


Summer holidays in the Cyclades full of blue and white

Holidays is about images & memories, letting yourself be immersed in the colors and aromas of a Greek island.

Staying on the island of Kythnos gives you the opportunity to stroll around, to feel the place. In the summer in Kythnos, the blue and white traditional houses are filled with countless pots, resulting in a feast of colors and aromas!

House with Cycladic architecture in Kythnos Town


Photos by Experience Kythnos, blog authoring by Freshid

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