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I have some nice memories from last year, but I confess that I am looking forward to the summer of 2023 in Kythnos 💖

This year, in Christmas Eve, I was in Kythnos. Some days like this, I feel like every cell of mine breathes the salty air of the Aegean 🌊

Christmas decorations in Kythnos

To tell you the truth, I had planned this trip to Kythnos in my head for a long time now. As soon as I set foot on the island, I took a taxi to the suites and the first thing I did was get busy with the decorations (this year was the first time)!

Decorating the Christmas tree in Kythnos
Decorating the Christmas tree


A stroll on the beach for a taste of Kythnos' landscape

I love so much the Aegean and the Cycladic landscape... And the sunny weather welcomes you to enjoy nature!

We took our breakfast and got out of our rooms at Cape Suites to spend the first day of the year at the incredibly quiet beach of Kolona. It was one of my most beautiful experiences in Kythnos... 😌

Panoramic photo of Kolona beach in Kythnos
This time of the year, Kolona beach is so quiet...

Photos by Experience Kythnos, blog authoring by Freshid



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