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Perhaps you have already begun to dream of the enchanting sunsets in the Aegean, or the incredible beaches of the Cyclades and the blue sea. Of course, fundamental in our summer holidays and excursions is the choice of the right accommodation.

Whether it is a hotel, an appartment or a rented room, we have noted here five points that you must take care to enjoy your stay and make sure you leave the smallest environmental footprint!

1. Sea view and sunset

You may like to relax in the room, browse the sights of the island or engage in water sports, but the unique sea views and the Cycladic sunset will leave you unforgettable memories.

2. Environmental footprint

Natural resources are depleting rapidly. Especially the islands of the Cyclades have little natural resources, so they are based on the external supply of water, electricity and other basic benefits. When choosing your accommodation, choose an accommodation with the necessary water recycling and renewable energy and renewable energy infrastructure.

3. Amenities

It is important to feel comfortable at the place where you will spend your holiday. Several unique amenities offer you a unique experience such as Greek welcome wine, Coco-mat sleeping mat, Smart TV 32 ', air-condition in all rooms, kitchenette, fridge, coffee maker and daily care products.

4. Cleaning services

The cleanliness of your accommodation is the last one you would like to take in your vacation. You should expect regular cleaning of the room and regular change of linen and towels.

5. Suitable for families

Do you have a family and are wondering if the hotel or room that you like is friendly to families with children? Well, we recommend the following family-friendly facilities: Kitchenette so that if you need to cook something cool for the kids. Fridge for storing children's milk or other foods. And finally the most important if you have small children, providing a children's crib or playpen!

Of course the suggestions are not exhausted in the above 5 points! Are you still not sure where to stay? Check out our suites here...


Capesuites Team