Safe accommodation

At Cape Suites we follow special cleaning and disinfection protocols. Read more...

Every day we receive several questions about our safety measures so we decided to write a complete guide! Here is all the information you need to ensure a safe stay and carefree vacations!

Shared areas and souites layout

As we avoid crowding indoors, it's a good idea to choose accommodation with as few public spaces as possible. Shared patios or courtyards should be avoided.

At Cape Suites, each suite is fully autonomous and has its own private patio. Each appartment has a private entrance with access via an open-air route.

Every suite has an private patio overlooking the Aegean Sea
Every suite has an private patio overlooking the Aegean Sea

Check-in and Check-out process

As a precaution, you may want to avoid personal contact. For check-in and check-out you can select the communication via email or simply via telephone.

Cleaning process and disinfection

Our staff disinfects the surfaces and objects in the living areas daily. For your maximum protection, we use an electrostatic sprayer to create disinfectant fog using products certified by the greek National Organization for Medicines.

The suites are cleaned daily
The suites are cleaned daily

Staff safety measures

Staff members have clear instructions and receive appropriate training on disinfection procedures. The use of personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves for our staff is mandatory.

Continuous updates

All our guests are informed about the instructions of the greek National Public Health Organization (24 hour line 1135) so that everyone conforms with high hygiene standards throughout their stay in our suites.


This year has been a difficult year, but we are doing our best to offer you the conditions that will make your vacation safe and enjoyable.

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