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The day is full of colors and scents. It welcomes Spring, which this year begins under special conditions, but the First of May hardly loses its significance.

A source of inspiration

The first day of Spring makes us look forward to the days to come. The warm spring breeze warms our hearts and brings to mind beautiful summer memories from our beautiful greek islands.

Every corner in Kythnos is a source of inspiration, a painting full of colors that stimulate our imagination.

Dryopida village in Kythnos in Spring
Dryopida village in Kythnos welcomes Spring

The First of May

We have to stay home, but we recall the images from familiar places and favorite landscapes. Colors from Blooming slopes and Cycladic landscapes fill our minds and hearts.

Spring blossom landscape in Kythnos Cape Suites accommodation
Spring blossom landscape in Kythnos Cape Suites accommodation

An inspiration for poets

The great greek Nobel Prize-winning poet Odysseas Elytis captured these images in the most poetic way.


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