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It is these hot middays and calm afternoons that we seek out the picturesque villages of Kythnos to drink our coffee under a thick shadow or to have lunch in a cute tavern with our company.

Traveling a little further south from the picturesque Dryopida, we reach the pine-covered Kanala and Agios Dimitrios where the sun sets dipping into the endless blue of the Aegean! 🌅💛☀️

Agios Dimitrios

On the beach of Agios Dimitrios we have some of our best memories! The tamarisk trees generously offer you their shade for endless games on the beach! After the bath, the local tavernas are the most popular destination!

Both from the beach of Agios Dimitrios and from the Cape Suites (located a short distance away) due the morphology and orientation of the area you can enjoy the best sunsets of Kythnos!


Flampouria beach in Kythnos
Flampouria beach in Kythnos

Kanala in northeast Kythnos

Walking the shady path under the green pines, you feel the cool breeze of the Cyclades waking you up, bringing the summer melodies of the cicadas to your ears!

After a quick bath in Megali Ammos we usually end our walk by lighting a candle in Panagia Kanala church 🙏🕯️

Pinetrees in Kanala, Kythnos
Pinetrees in Kanala, Kythnos


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