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Every year Kythnos celebrates Easter with its fresh-painted white churches and chapels all around Kythnos!

Panagia Flabouriani church

Panagia Flampouriani is located south of Merichas, a short distance from the main port of the island and about 13 minutes from the Cape Suites appartments. Well-groomed and freshly painted, only a few rocks keep the waves away.

Panagia Flabouriani in Kythnos
Panagia Flabouriani beside the waves

At its festival on September 8 and before the summer closes its cycle, the people of Kythnos celebrate and dance with their souls.

Panagia Stratolatissa church

South of Dryopida, in the mountainous Kythnos Panagia Stratolatissa is located on a small plateau. From there, the view of mountainous landscape of Kythnos extends as far as the eye can see.

Panagia Stratolatissa in Kythnos
Panagia Stratolatissa in the mountainous landscape of Kythnos

On the 15th of August, Panagia Stratolatissa dresses in her festive clothes for the festival in honor of the Virgin Mary.

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