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For lovers, for singles, for families and for groups, the hospitable Kythnos has to offer something unique that is missing from the other Aegean islands and that in recent years we have forgotten: Quality holidays.

Memories that last

The time when the sun disappears on the horizon below the surface of the sea. Playing rackets on the beach under the sun. The cool breeze on the beach under tamarisks. Walking on the ancient paths with the still fresh traces of the history of the island. Rooms overlooking the sunset.

And the Kolona beach which invites us for games under the sun!

Colourful memories from your holidays

Our best memories from the stay in Kythnos are bathed in light and painted with the most vivid colors!

Chora is ideal for relaxation and a quiet chat while enjoying the island landscape.

Moments of enjoyable calm in Chora, Kythnos
Moments of enjoyable calm in Chora, Kythnos

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Thanks to Experience Kythnos for the wonderful photos.

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