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The weather was bad for the last few days but I decided not to miss the opportunity for a short holiday to enjoy my favorite island.

That's how I got into pottery, an art intertwined with the history of Kythnos.

First stop at Giorgos' workshop, the potter of our island, to learn how to make mugs!

Meeting at the port of Merichas

Giorgos' workshop is in Merichas. So, I woke up early in Sunday and got there eager to start learning pottery! ⏰


Giving shape!

It didn't take me long. With George's instructions the shapeless mass of clay began to take shape within two minutes.

I was so excited! I felt like a child! 😍😍

Clay takes shape on the potter's wheel
Clay takes shape on the potter's wheel

Colors, imagination and... "baking"!

I left the workshop late at night.... And Giorgos still had to finish coloring!

I received my first creations (with a lot of help from George) after two days and a lot of... baking. 🔥

I'm already planning my next short holidays to Kythnos 🚢

Handmate pottery in Kythnos island
Handmate pottery in Kythnos island


Photos by Experience Kythnos, blog authoring by Freshid



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