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We say goodbye to Kythnos with our hearts and minds full of memories. Summer is saying goodbye to us with the first rains of autumn but our journey to the sights of Kythnos is just beginning!

Lefkes beach in Kythnos

A short distance from Dryopida, Lefkes beach is picturesque and at the same time offers easy access.

Sitting by the sea, it's one of those moments where words are not needed to ejoy them. With the whisper of the wind keeping you company, you enjoy the coolness of the tamarisk trees together with your favorite company.

The last light of the sun

The sun is slowly setting in Cape Suites, it dives into the sea and is followed by the lights of the ships in the horizon.

Starting from Cape Suites courtyard, an alley just a few meters long and a few stone-built stairs allow access to the sea where the bravest can dive from the rocks to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea... Following the "path of the sunset" the adventurous who will descend can dive into the water from a small wooden platform.

Following the sun's path at Cape Suites
Following the "sun's path" at Cape Suites

Games with light in the suites

Staying in the suites is one of the most memorable experiences. They are built according to traditional Cycladic architecture and colors that match the natural landscape of Kythnos.

The sweet light of the sunset beautifully illuminates the space and highlights the earthly colors of wood and stone.

The sunset light in Cape Suites
The sunset light in Cape Suites


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Photos Andreas Gougousis, Video

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