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Summer is not too far away, but we already miss it! At times when the rhythms of daily life become intense the mind often finds refuge in the beautiful memories of our stay in Kythnos.

Sunset at Cape Suites appartments

One of the most beautiful moments was the magnificent sunsets at the patio of the Cape Suites. Relaxed talk around the dining table or swinging calmly, overlooking the endless blue Aegean Sea the sun was the sunset's star, creating a feast of redish colors.

These are the moments when you feel that time flows slower and you just enjoy the golden shades of the sun, the calm splash of the waves and the passing boats. Where the sky joins the sea, the sun slowly descends into the Aegean Sea.

At the beaches of Kythnos island

At the picturesque beaches of Kythnos we enjoyed our summer baths. Their crystal clear waters and magnificent scenery make them an ideal destination for our summer holidays!

Kolona beach in Kythnos
Sunset at Kolona beach in Kythnos island

At the unique "double" Kolona beach we enjoyed every moment of the day!

The ferry to Kythnos, on the way back

When it was time to leave we held all these warm memories in our hearts. We got on board and got on deck to enjoy as many views as we could!

Photos and video: Cape Suites Kythnos

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