Safe accommodation

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As days are getting hotter and hotter, we find more opportunities to escape to Kythnos island! An easy trip thanks to frequent ferry schedules and a short distance from Piraeus port (about 3 hours). This time we share our experiences from the beautiful beaches we chose to swim to during our stay in Kythnos.

Walking on the land of Kythnos you may be unaware of the fact that beneath the ground is a system of natural and artificial caves and mines that from ancient times until the recent past were inextricably tied to the lives of the Kythnian people. Your stay in Kythnos will offer you an original experience!

Perhaps you have already begun to dream of the enchanting sunsets in the Aegean, or the incredible beaches of the Cyclades and the blue sea. Of course, fundamental in our summer holidays and excursions is the choice of the right accommodation.

Whether it is a hotel, an appartment or a rented room, we have noted here five points that you must take care to enjoy your stay and make sure you leave the smallest environmental footprint!